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Pressure Washing Service Company

Pressure washing is applied mainly in hard surfaces like fences, hard floors,exterior walls, driveway, walkways etc, where it is very difficult to clear off the dirt from such surfaces.

Through pressure washing, we can quickly and effectively eliminate hard dirt sediments, and other dirt. This brings a new beautiful look to your house, by reducing all the wear and tear by getting rid of all pests, bugs and termites which prevent you from any damage caused to the surfaces or wall paints.

Pressure Wash is the cheapest and most effective way to properly clean your outdoor area . Contact our team if you are facing any outdoor cleaning problems, we are at your service.

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Professional Pressure Washing Services

To maintain the hard surfaces from mold, dirt, and mildew , pressure washing is an effective and a practical method to adopt on.

Exterior Surface Wash

Pressure washing exterior surfaces annually keep your home or office looking beautiful year-round .

Concrete Wash

Our concrete wash and seal safely repair your concrete damage and is painted with a penetrating coating which prevents seasonal cracking.

Roof Wash

Our pressure washing roof treatment recovers your roof from tear and cracks by removing black streaks, algae, moss etc.

Fence Wash

To Keep your fence looking perfect, We need to Remove Harmful Mold, Mildew & Algae to get the new look.

How to Clean Hard Surface

Our highly trained professional cleaners can satisfy all your pressure washing needs. We offer biodegradable cleaning procedures and techniques.

If your exterior walls look dull, it’s totally because of the grime and dirt that has sedimented on the exterior walls . Before going for any extensive transformation, consider hiring us. We use high pressure washing techniques to remove dirt from the rough surfaces cheaply.

We handle all types of exterior surfaces like driveways, sidewalks, decks, paver stones, outdoor surfaces etc. and clean effectively by adopting most modern equipment. Our focused process will help you to regenerate your outdoor living space with a new bright look.

Family and kids spend most of the time in the play area of your house. Pressure washing outdoor surfaces will intensify the old look of your home and make your play time more safe and healthy.

Benefits of Pressure Washing

Call Ideal Services LLC for any pressure washing services if you are looking for any. We have a team of trusted home upgradation professionals.

Want to make your home look better? Then we are here , one of the leading professional pressure washing service companies to fight against dirt.

  • Give a fresh and neat look to fences, exterior walls, and more.
  • Make your house look younger
  • Removes rooted weeds and plants from the surfaces
  • Driveways and walkways will be stain free
  • Best-of-class equipment and machinery employed

An Effective, Affordable Clean

You have a beautiful and precious home, now you've found a company that can appreciate its full worth as much as you do.

4 Branches

We have 4 branches all over the UAE, no matter what you need, feel free to contact us or visit any of our branches.

Our Clients

We work with leading names in commercial, industrial retail, education, and healthcare throughout the UAE.

Consultation Plans

For better & easiest businesses, we provide consultation plans to you for evaluating your requirements and budget.

Same Day Service

Our team captures everything from the booking inquiry details to provide the same day cleaning service.

24hrs Booking

Offering 24hrs booking service, so clients can book cleaning packages or services 24/7 online from anywhere

Cost-effective solutionsNon-Toxic

We proudly offer an honest, healthy approach to cleaning. Using only non-toxic products and methods for cleaning.

Cleaning at its finest.

Cleaning homes for over 30 years, fully insured cleaners and professional service. You can book services on a daily, weekly or hourly basis, depending on what’s convenient for you.

Free Estimates

We will provide free estimates over the phone to give clients an understanding of service cost and budget.


We have a team of high-calibre cleaners who are qualified and enthusiastic and providing you with only the best service

Excellent Track Record

We pride ourselves on consistently exceeding customer expectations and hold a steady track record of excellent service.

Flexible Cleaning

We provide truly flexible cleaning services that fit to your needs and treat every client as an individual.

Guarantee of Work

At Ideal Cleaning Services, we ensure complete guarantee of our work and at the end, we make sure it meets our standards.

Reliable service

At Ideal Cleaning Services, we provide reliable cleaning services for our clients to form lasting relationships.

Get Your Space Disinfected

Forget about the days of casual cleaning whether it is your home office or Industrial premises.

A complete santisation and disinfection service is needed in this pandemic era. We provide disinfection service approved By municipalities .

We provide safe, sustainable, and healthy living solutions for all areas of your home and business including air and surfaces, using the most advanced eco-friendly technologies. The list of some of the towns are given below.

  • Al Ramaqiya
  • Al Darari
  • Al Gharayen
  • Medows
  • Al Juraina
  • Burdubai
  • Al Khalidiya
  • Al Khan
  • Al Majaz

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100% Safe for Indoor and Outdoor Areas. Let's get your place disinfected. Call us for the best Disinfection services in UAE.

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