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Carpet Cleaning Service

Carpet Cleaning Service Company

As a carpet cleaning company, we will make a plan before starting the cleaning process and discuss with the clients about the adopted method involved in the cleaning process.

Our Cleaning team recommend to use our carpet deodorizer for fragrance after the cleaning process to remove any foul odors that leave your premise fresh and clean. So next time if you need any professional carpet cleaning team , contact ideal Service LLC , one of the best carpet cleaning providers.

We apply methods to extend the life of your carpets by applying a protector that helps in preventing any damage from harmful dirt and spills. So that it can withstand daily foot friction and the everyday vacuum cleaning process .

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Carpet Cleaning Methods

Always choose the best method in carpet cleaning for your industrial or residential needs. it is important that we should be aware of the different types of carpet cleaning methods.

steam Carpet Cleaning

The steaming method involves high pressure hot water to remove dirt from the carpet . We prefer carpet cleaning in the late afternoon so that carpet can be let to dry for at least 4 hours.

Carpet Shampooing

Maintaining carpet is a difficult task in our climate.Carpet shampooing removes massive dirt, mud, grime etc. more effectively through shampooing method.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Adopt specialized machines to clean carpets with newly developed technologies by permitting only very low moisture after cleaning.

Foam encapsulation

This is an environmentally friendly cleaning technique as it leaves behind limited chemical residue after cleaning.

Deliver The Best Carpet Cleaning Service

For over 30 years, Ideal Services LLC has been the best professional carpet cleaning company and has trusted to deliver the best available carpet cleaning services.

We aid you to multiply the carpet life time by giving your carpet a new look after each wash regardless of the size or shape of your carpet. Our Industrial carpet cleaning service uses the same type of cleaning process as our commercial one.

Our Effective carpet cleaning machines sucks up all water used in our cleaning process from the carpet. So after cleaning, your carpet is left with nominal moisture content that will be disinfected, clean and hygienic carpet which dries quickly within no time.

Our Cleaning process removes all dirt, stains and germs from your carpet material using an EPA Safer Choice cleaning solution .

Protect Your Carpet From Stains

We use hot water extraction, foam encapsulation, shampooing and dry carpet cleaning techniques to release any types of deep dirt within the carpet material.

An inspection will be conducted by our team after the carpet cleaning process to make sure our clients are satisfied with your service.

  • Take approximately less time per carpet.
  • Identify best method to clean your carpet
  • Provide Industrial Carpet Cleaning services
  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning services available
  • Free consultation can be scheduled

Trusted Safe Hands for Cleaning

Eradicate harmful pathogens a safe, discreet and legally compliant manner. Let's control the virus.

Be Proactive

We use only the best quality and tried and tested cleaning systems – including disinfectants, equipment and procedures.

Ensure Containment

Our strict decontamination procedures allow us to contain any viral outbreaks quickly and with the least amount of impact.

Act Fast

Our technology has 90% faster delivery time so we can act fast and secure more areas of risk quickly and fastly.

Latest equipments

We use the latest cleaning equipment in the industry like Automated 360° Foggers, Cold ULV Fogger, Hand-held electrostatic sprayer, etc.

Full service

We offer full time professional cleaning service for our customers to always keep them safe and secure.

Cost-effective solutions

We offer cost- effective cleaning solutions to make sure your facility is clean, hygienic and safe is more important than ever before.

Best Cleaning Services In UAE

Ideal cleaning And Sanitisation services is an ISO certified company in cleaning and disinfection services in UAE .

Dedicated Professionals

Ideal Cleaning Service has an expert team of professionals to disinfect your space completely.

Modern Equipments

State of the art equipment to get hospital grade sanitisation like Automated 360째 Foggers, Cold ULV Fogger etc.

Complete disinfection

German Technology using water-based disinfectant product ( municipality approved) to disinfect deodorize surface interiors .

Fast Re-occupation

You can go back to normal activity and can re-occupy at the earliest as we use non toxic disinfectant.

Unmatched Protection

Our technicians fully abide by the WHO standards in PPE, gloves, shoe covers, coverall, face mask/ shield, N95 masks.

40% Discount

Most economic cleaning services in UAE provide a 40% discount in all cleaning services to prevent the virus from spreading in UAE.

Get Your Space Disinfected

Forget about the days of casual cleaning whether it is your home office or Industrial premises.

A complete santisation and disinfection service is needed in this pandemic era. We provide disinfection service approved By municipalities.

We provide safe, sustainable, and healthy living solutions for all areas of your home and business including air and surfaces, using the most advanced eco-friendly technologies. The list of some of the towns are given below.

  • Al Ramaqiya
  • Al Darari
  • Al Gharayen
  • Medows
  • Al Juraina
  • Burdubai
  • Al Khalidiya
  • Al Khan
  • Al Majaz

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100% Safe for Indoor and Outdoor Areas. Let's get your place disinfected. Call us for the best Disinfection services in UAE.