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Pest Control Service Company

IDEAL Services is one of the leading organizations in the field of Pest Control and Cleaning Services since 1991 managed by Thanima group.

With 3 Branches spread all over U.A.E, IDEAL Pest control company division can attend all your pest problems any time and at any place. We also provide Cleaning service in UAE as a separate division with 30 years of expertise.

  • Company’s supervisor and technicians are well trained
  • Well versed with integrated pest management
  • Well versed with integrated pest management
  • Environment-friendly pest control services
  • Chemical sourcing from reputed International companies

No.1 Pest Control Company

When it comes to pest control, we believe that prevention is always better than cure. Professional, effective, safe and long term solutions to get rid of pests from your premises.

Residential Pest Control Company

Ideal Pest Control services have a team of highest trained professionals and they are expert to handle all your residential pest control problems. For over 30 years, we have taken care of families just like yours, keeping their homes free from pest infestation. Our commitment to you and your family is real.

At Ideal Services LLC, we deal with a wide variety of home and apartment pest control services, including fumigation, to protect you from ants, roaches, rodents, termites and also from other deadly pests.

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Commercial Pest Control Services

We pride ourselves in providing a professional, friendly & efficient service tailored to our client’s needs. So whether it’s your home, your business, school, restaurant, pub, warehouse or production facility you can be sure we’ve got you covered.

Our programmes are tailored to your business needs, ensuring minimum disruption and the highest standards of service guaranteeing you peace of mind. We can carry out routine inspections to ensure your organisation remains pest free.

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Industrial Pest control Services

Ideal Services LLC offers advanced pest control services to Industrial firms which involves the provision of inspection, prevention and elimination of pests on-site. Every Industrial firm is committed to provide and maintain a clean, healthy and efficient operating environment for its Staff and End Users.

Ensuring a Pest-Free Environment is a significant part of delivering on that remit. We offer a range of proofing products expertly designed to prevent the infestation of pest species in Industrial Sites.

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Fumigation services

While there are many pests that we can get rid of through other methods, there are times when an infestation is too far gone and fumigation services are required. We offer many commercial fumigation solutions, but we are also experts in house fumigation.

Whether you're dealing with termites, bed bugs, or some other pest, sometimes the best solution for a widespread problem is fumigation. If you are facing a pest infestation, fumigants are the best tool to enter into structures and properties without leaving a dangerous residue or harming the surroundings.

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Ideal Pest control Services

The Most Dependable And Affordable Local Pest Control Exterminators in the UAE, For Your Home And Business.

Welcome to Ideal Pest Control Services. We are one of the most affordable, effective pest control choices for those in the UAE. Our team of specialists handles requests both large and small. We can identify and eliminate all types of pests, including rats and mice, bedbugs, cockroaches, fleas, flies, ants, and just about any pest that you don’t want to share your home or business with.

If you feel like you have a pest problem and need a team of exterminators to help eliminate it, contact our pest control today. At Ideal Services LLC, we’re committed to providing the best results possible for both our residential and commercial customers. Our pest control specialists try to learn your needs while using green-friendly supplies to reduce the risk to you and your beloved ones while doing our pest control services.

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Why We're Different

Don't Wait For An Infestation. Have a trained and professional pest control team Come Out Before It's Too Late! Remove Pests For Good.

Year Round Protection

Pests are active year-around. That means you need protection year-around. So our treatment plans will give you protection all year long.

Customized Plans

For both our residential and commercial customers, we tailor a program to suit your unique pest control needs based on detailed inspection.

Fast & Effective

Our services are fast and effective compared to other pest control companies. Our team will do everything needs to settle your pest problem.

Specialized Services

Let us assure the protection of your family or employees by giving a thorough pest control program that guards everyone.

Proactive Prevention of Pests

Our pest control plan provides regularly scheduled inspections and service to prevent pest concerns before they arise.

Affordable & Cost-Effective

Advanced, Affordable, and active pest control solutions for your premises, Call us, be in safer side but only you, not the pests

Get Pests Gone

Advanced, Affordable, and active pest control solutions for your premises, Call us, be in safer side but only you, not the pests

Client Oriented

We assist our customers as if we were helping ourselves. We evaluate their feedback and we take it to enhance our work. A customer-oriented organization always places customer satisfaction at the core of each of its business decisions.

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As per our company policy, we only use environmentally friendly cleaning materials and disinfection machines for the safety of our customers. We choose the best and most natural cleaning products that give amazing results.

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Excellence & Innovation

We give guidance to our employees in order to deliver a high standard of service. We always up-to-date on the most current innovations in eco-friendly products and technologies, enabling us to deliver the best into our clients’ homes.

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Our Specialities

UAE’s First Cleaning Choice since 1990. Our goal is to achieve customer satisfaction through dedication & excellence in cleaning services.

30 Years of Experience

With over 30 years' experience as a leader in the cleaning industry, we are experts in our field and cover the whole parts of the UAE.

Certified Cleaners

We are trained on the latest equipment to assure that the job is completed properly and will always be on hand to assist you in any way we can.

ISO Certified Company

We are one of the few cleaning companies in the UAE to be fully ISO certified. So we provide a high level of excellence in our services with maximum integrity.

Custom made solutions

We are experts in providing affordable custom made cleaning solutions for our clients from the beginning and it will help you to save money & time.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

With Us, Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed. The experts at Ideal cleaning services are committed to providing 100% satisfaction with excellent service.

Latest Equipments

We have been providing cleaning services by using the latest imported machines and products to provide the highest quality of services to the clients.

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We're committed to defending your home & business by providing exceptional pest control and exterminator services.


First, we conduct a thorough inspection of the infested area. Training and experience in conducting inspections are important.

Habitat Alteration

Infested areas are a place of refuge for pests, so changing or eliminating some of these beneficial factors will make resistance less successful.

Pesticide Application

Though successful environment change can reduce or kill populations, it will often be less than perfect and pesticide application may be required.


We provide follow up inspection to analyse the effectiveness of the pest management program., such as legally mandated record keeping.

Got Pest? We’ve got you covered!

With 3 Branches spread all over U.A.E, IDEAL Pest control company division can attend all your pest problems any time and at any place.

We are providing Pest Control Services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah with our names – Ideal Pest Control services.

Our prime goal is to give clients powerful, ecologically safe pest control solutions, protecting health, families and the world around us. Our integrated procedures rely on targeting the root of pest problems rather than the symptoms, therefore eradicating pests by low impact techniques. Areas We Serve.

  • Al Darari
  • Al Gharayen
  • Medows
  • Births
  • Al Juraina
  • Bur Dubai
  • Al Khan
  • Al Majaz
  • Al Ramaqiya
  • Al Nahda
  • Al Majaz
  • Al Nasseriya
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